Dialogue Coach


Acting/Dialogue Coach and Russian Voice-Over Artist


“ I had a wonderful experience working with Oleg. He was able to help me with sounds and inflections but also had a great understanding of character as well. So by the time I was on set I was able to play the part and not just to say the words correctly. His help and sensitivity to the actor’s process was greatly appreciated”

Kevin Bacon, Actor

As an experienced dialogue coach, consultant and voice-director Oleg’s skills take in Russian language dialogue and English with a Russian accent. He has worked on feature films, TV commercials, computer games and theatre productions.


His credits include:


Feature films - Hunter Killer (2016), Man from U.N.C.L.E., World War Z, X-Men First Class, Ghost Recon 5, Defiance, Londongrad, Virgin Territory


Computer games- Lego City Undercovered: The Chase Begins, Bond


TV commercials – Nicorette, PokerStars.net







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