Acting Coach


Acting/Dialogue Coach and Russian Voice-Over Artist



Oleg offers a bespoke acting training based on his vast experience and knowledge of a variety of Russian theatre techniques. The training can be tailored to the clients’ individual needs and provided in groups, pairs or as one to one sessions.







Oleg offers one to one, pairs or groups in depth acting training in the following fields:


• All aspects of Acting technique

• Theory and practice of the Russian School of acting including its major developments over the 20th century

• Coaching in Russian accent

• Audition coaching for prospective students

• Coaching for professional auditions

• Confidence building

• Interpretation of the Russian theatre repertoire from an insider


“Oleg's classes gave me the freedom to be brave, bold and creative. I lost my fear of new challenges and grew as a performer. Oleg taught me not to rely simply on text but to use many other tools”.

Tamla Kari, Actress



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