Oleg Mirochnikov
Oleg Mirochnikov
Actor • Director • Voice-Over Artist • Coach

Having studied with Oleg, I found him to be a sensitive, intelligent and inspiring acting coach. I feel that he has always been receptive and very easy to work with.
— Michael Fassbender

Oleg is a professionally trained actor, director, voice-over artist, and acting/dialogue coach. His credits range from films and television to radio and theatre. A native Russian, Oleg's work takes him across Europe and all over the world. His work is unique and draws equally from the three great masters of the Russian stage: Stanislavski, Meyerhold, and Vakhtangov. The latter is Oleg's greatest influence. Oleg has developed his own technique, style, and set of exercises, all of which encourage actors to be playful, to focus on imagination and justification, and to have artistic courage and strong physicality.

He continues to conduct research into the Vakhtangov traditions and techniques, experimenting with approaches and methodologies, and blending the new and the classic. His findings are well-regarded, and have resulted in innovative and engaging theatrical experiences. Oleg is based in London, where he is the artistic director of Belka Productions. He also teaches at Drama Centre London, a part of Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.

Very imaginative, liberating and bold work, full of conceptually refreshing directorial choices and wonderfully playful acting.
— Simon Callow

Prolific Theatre Director


Oleg has a fresh and unique take on the theatrical processes and creating performance. His productions have been highly praised for their rich imagery, thought-provoking stage action, playful and captivating interpretation of the original texts, and enchanting and poignant physicality. Oleg has been introducing to the English stage unknown Russian plays in addition to the more traditional, classical texts.

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Voice-Over Artist/Voice Actor


Oleg has over 15 years of professional voice-over experience with a vast array of credits in films, television, documentaries, radio, and commercials both in his native country and worldwide. Having completed a professional acting training in his native country, Oleg has excellent skills across a wide range of vocal techniques and styles. As a voice-over artist and voice actor, he performed extensively across many mediums in high-profile projects throughout the UK and Europe. His clients include: BBC, Disney, Samsung, Pepsi, Nike, and many more. Oleg provides authentic and unaccented Russian voices as well as English with a Russian accent. His versatile vocal skills encompass everything from authoritative and corporate to warm and mellow to dynamic, colourful and playful.