Russian Acting Consultancy and Coaching

Oleg provides a bespoke acting training based on his own exercises and his vast experience in a variety of Russian theatre techniques. The training can be tailored to each person's individual needs, whether in groups, pairs, or one-to-one sessions. This work can include, though not limited to, the following fields:

— All aspects of Acting technique
— Theory and Practice of the Russian School of Acting, including its major developments over the 20th century
— Coaching in Russian accent
— Audition Coaching for Prospective Students
— Coaching for Professional Auditions
— Confidence-Building and Preparation for a Role
— Interpretation of the Russian Theatre and Repertoire

Visit Oleg's The Russian Acting Coach website for more details at:

If you have any questions or if you are interested in a session with Oleg, get in touch.

Russian Dialogue Coach and Voice Director

In addition to his role as a voice-over artist, and using his vast background experience in Oleg is also a highly skilled dialogue coach, consultant, and voice-director. He coaches professional actors on film and television projects, providing assistance on the delivery of dialogue in Russian and in Russian-accented English.

Amongst his clients include: Kevin Bacon, to whom he was Dialogue Coach for the film X-Men: First Class, and Daniel Craig, working as a Russian Dialogue Coach for ADR on the film Defiance. Some of his film and television credits include: The Man from U.N.C.L.E., World War Z, X-Men: First Class, Strike Back, and No Time to Die.

If you would like more information or would like to contact Oleg regarding dialogue coaching, please don't hesitate to send an email enquiry.

Here's a selection of Oleg's work as a voice director and dialogue coach.

  • No Time to Die (2020)

    Role: Russian Dialogue Coach for ADR
    Director: Cary Joji Fukunaga
    Production: Eon Productions

  • Strike Back (2018-2020)(TV)

    Series 7 and 8
    Role: Russian Dialogue Coach for ADR
    Production: Cinemax, Sky One

  • Hunter Killer (2016)

    Role: Russian Dialogue Coach
    Director: Donovan Marsh
    Production: Original Film

  • The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2014)

    Role: Russian Dialogue Consultant for ADR
    Director: Guy Ritchie
    Production: Ritchie/Wigram Productions

  • World War Z (2011)

    Role: Russian Advisor and Dialogue Coach
    Director: Marc Forster
    Production: Paramount Pictures

  • X-Men: First Class (2011)

    Role: Russian Dialogue Coach
    Director: Matthew Vaughn
    Production: Bad Hat Harry Productions

  • Defiance (2008)

    Role: Russian Dialogue Coach for ADR
    Director: Edward Zwick
    Production: Bedford Falls Productions