A Warsaw Melody (2012)

Love starts to blossom in the hostile terrain of the Soviet bloc when chance brings together young Victor and beautiful Polish singer Helya at a concert hall in Moscow. But in Stalin's brutally controlled empire their love simply cannot be, and over the span of two decades of missed opportunities and thwarted beginnings, from Moscow to Warsaw and back again, their passionate desire matures into an altogether different and more moving kind of love.

Already a worldwide sensation having been performed all over Europe, Canada and the United States, Leonid Zorin's timeless story of the fragility and resilience of love in a loveless land finally made its way to the UK in this translation by Franklin Reeve.

The play was produced by Belka Productions, in assocation with the Polish Cultural Institute. It was performed at the Arcola Theatre in London from March 28th - April 28th, 2012. The cast were Emily Tucker and Oliver King.

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Critics and Reviews

“Drenched in Chopinesque romanticism.” — THE GUARDIAN

“An outpouring of frustrations, hopes and romantic memories that is quite stunning.” — THE BRITISH THEATRE GUIDE

“It breaks your heart...a memorable portrait of joy, pain and regret.” — THE TIMES, CRITICS CHOICE

“Director Oleg Mirochnikov succeeds in sweeping us away on this tide of history and romantic love which still has much to tell us about human nature.” — N16 MAGAZINE