Sunstroke (2013)

Two of the great masters of Russian literature, Anton Chekhov and Ivan Bunin, explore the bittersweet nature of love outside marriage, its romantic idealism and the painful realisation of irreversible loss.

A blisteringly hot Russian summer: a Muscovite banker meets a solitary married woman on the Russian Riviera; a dashing lieutenant on board a holiday steamer has a chance encounter with a beautiful young woman. In the intoxicating heat, passions burn high and their lives are changed forever.

Chekhov's The Lady with the Dog and Bunin's Sunstroke were dynamically adapted and interwoven. It ran from August 28th - September 21st 2013 at The Platform Theatre, King's Cross. The cast were Rosy Benjamin, Stephen Pucci, Oliver King, Katia Elizarova, and Masumi Saito.

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Critics and Reviews

“An intriguing, inventive and intertwined performance... fascinating.” — THE LADY

“A beautifully textured conflation of romantic Russian dalliances.” — DONALD HUTERA, THE TIMES

“Leaves a poignant and lasting impression... a captivating representation of love.” — A YOUNGER THEATRE

“Thought-provoking, mournful and altogether enchanting.” — RUSSIAN ART & CULTURE